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Athenian Families,

The first wave of FSA Results were released Friday. We are thrilled to share with you that we were recognized by the Pasco County School District for leading Pasco County Charter Schools in improvement this year with a 25 percentage point increase for 3rd grade ELA FSA Results.

The FSA Test is based on a score of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Students who score a 1 or 2 are not meeting Florida Standards. A student who scores a 3 on the test is meeting standards. Any student who scores a 4 or 5 is exceeding standards.

40% of our 3rd graders scored a 4 or higher on the test this year, demonstrating that they are exceeding standards. 64% of Athenian Academy’s 3rd graders were proficient (They scored a 3 or higher). Finally, our 3rd graders out scored the state average (58% proficient) and the district average (60% proficient).

We are so proud of our 3rd grade students, families, the 3rd grade team, and truly to the entire Athenian team for their dedication and outstanding work this year, as it was a team effort to make this happen.

Go Owls!

Mrs. Nichols & Mr. Markowitz